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Selasa, Juli 17, 2012


Imagine you knew a secret about growing plants in a break-through new way... to the outside world your organic garden or farm would seem almost "magic", Why? Because people almost never see you working in it! 

While every one else works hard at planting, weeding...more weeding..., watering, fertilizing, composting,... and more and more weeding... You're gardening from the comfort of your hammock. What's more... your plants grow twice as fast, and you can grow up to ten times more of them in the same area of space as your neighbors do. That means, if you're growing lettuce, and have 10 square feet of space... your method grows as much lettuce as someone would with 100 square feet of space! 

Here's just a taste of what happens on this system, and what you'll experience when you do this yourself.
  • There's no more weeding . The system removes your need for pain-staking and annoying weeding. You get more freedom and enjoyment! 
  • No more fertilizing or soil cultivation. In fact, the whole process of nutrient delivery to your plants, which is absolutely critical, is almost completely automated. It works without you, that's the key of this system! 
  • No more soil pests . The need for pesticides is eliminated , which makes it that much easier for you to have amazing plants and fruit without toxic chemicals. 
  • It grows most plants twice as fast. Plant experts are shocked when they visit these farms at how fast plants grow. For example... lettuce, which takes 60+ days to mature, takes only about 29 days with this system. 
  • You use up to 70% less Energy than conventional gardening

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Cepat, Murah, dan Terpercaya !

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