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Kamis, Agustus 02, 2012

Geodesic Dome Green House

"How To Create Your Own Geodesic Dome Green House And Have Your Own 'Organic Food Factory' Providing You and Your Family With Incredible Food, Year Round, Even In The Dead of Winter!"

It’s Easy To Create a Massive Geodesic Dome Which Produces Food For You And Your Family Non-Stop. You Don't Need Any Special Skills, It's Extremely Cheap, And I'll Show You Exactly How To Do It, Step-by-Step... 

Here's What Most People Don't Know About Geodesic Dome Greenhouses: 
  • They're extremely cheap to build. You can build one for pennies compared to the cost of normal green-houses by using regular 2x4s from Home Depot. 
  • They're extremely heat efficient. With proper design and covering you can have your own "Eden Dome" with a tropical temperatures inside, even in the dead of winter. 
  • It's the strongest structure mankind can build. Geodesic domes can withstand an incredible amount of force, they're Earthquake proof and will withstand hurricane force winds. 
  • You can build them to any size, anywhere. No matter what space you have to work with in your back-yard. 
  • You can grow an incredible amount of food inside your bio-dome, year round, and have your very own "eden food factory" 
  • They're extremely light & lamp; portable, you can easily move them! You do not need a permit to build a temporary structure, and can have one whether you own land or you're just renting!
For complete information click here please:
Geodesic Dome Green House

Cepat, Murah, dan Terpercaya !

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